” In 2015 I was both a physical and mental wreck. My wife repeatedly asked me to find a doctor. I am prejudice toward allopathic doctors because I feel all they know how to do is prescribe medications that cover the underlying illness. Often their diagnosis is wrong as well. Dr Gilfoy had run an ad in a local magazine and my wife pointed it out to me. I called and made an appointment. It was the best thing I had ever done in my life.

The first appointment was nearly 2 hours. As I explained the reason for my visit , Dr Gilfoy listened intently and asked specific questions about diet, lifestyle and other related topics. I got the sense that she really cared about me as a person. She made recommendations about eating habits that made a noticeable change my physiology in 4 days. I knew then that I had found the right person to help me resolve my issues. I have continued to see Dr. Gilfoy on a regular basis. It helps to keep me on the right path to health and well being. ” -B. S., 67yo m, Madison

” Working with Dr. Stephanie Gilfoy for the last 5 years has been the smartest course of action I’ve ever taken regarding my health.I came to her with numerous autoimmune diseases and all sorts of issues from chemotherapy treatments I’d had 3 years prior.She displays knowledge, compassion, humor, as well as a positive and loving demeanor, I’ve never witnessed in naturopathic doctors many years her senior.Through diet, supplements and counseling, Dr. Gilfoy has treated me for every issue I had, and anything else that has cropped up along the way, and has truly changed the quality of my life, and, I am willing to speculate, the quantity as well!”  H, 53, Madison

“After not feeling myself after my second son, I decided to take a more holistic approach with my health. I had had hypothyroidism during both of my pregnancies and was on medication, but was now feeling like it was more than that. After seeing Dr. Gilfoy for the first time, she predicted that I not only had Hashimoto Thyroiditis (an autoimmune disease targeting the thyroid), but a gluten sensitivity as well. When the test results came back a few days later, her predictions were correct! I was so impressed with her knowledge of the ENTIRE human body! She was thoughtful, conscientious, and thorough in every part of her practice. I feel like if I had gone to a regular doctor, I would have been told it’s just part of being a mom or put on more medication I didn’t need. It has been nearly a year since my first visit and I am the healthiest I’ve ever been! I am battling my autoimmune disease naturally and it’s working. I am on no medication and feel great! I highly recommend Dr. Gilfoy to anyone who wants answers to their health! ” -L. M., 33, Madison

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Stephanie Gilfoy. I’ve seen her for a few varied reasons. I was in the Caribbean and came down with a fish toxin called ciguatera. It caused some lasting neurological symptoms. She helped me detox from the inside out and, although, that was about five years ago, I still feel great and am still applying the nutritional guidelines she gave me. She cured my Achilles’ tendon injury and has guided me to healthy heart living. She is a great listener and truly passionate in her search to find the holistic way to heal any ailments you may have. I highly recommend her and am a big believer in naturopathic medicine! ” -D. C., 60, Madison

” I have been seeing Dr. Gilfoy for six months. During this time she has guided me to greatly improved health. After many years of struggling with intestinal issues I now feel a level of comfort and confidence that I hadn’t believed possible. Dr. Gilfoy is attentive, empathetic, proactive and available. I am incredibly grateful for her deep knowledge, her compassion, and her abiding commitment to the power of natural healing.” -PC, Guilford

” I have latent injuries from high school and college activities; her techniques bring incredible relief to my shoulders and back. Dr Gilfoy’s knowledge of underlying issues causing pain has led to addressing the issues not just the symptoms! I love referring her to my clients and friends!” – Dave Callahan, (getting old), Brandford

” Stephanie is good at this! I go in in pain, afraid my activities are going to be limited, and she fixes me right up! A real gem! -M. N., 68, New Haven