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If you do not feel well and are having trouble finding which direction to go with your health care, I can help you find your way.  I have been helping patients restore their health when they have tried many other ways for the past 5 years in my private practice, and I am confident that I can set you on the right path too!  

Together, we will explore what is going on physiologically and biochemically inside you.  We will evaluate your life style, daily habits, stress levels, and nutrition. 

How? I use clinical skills and laboratory testing to determine your nutrition status, hormone levels, amino acid status, gut micrbiome, food intolerances, and heavy metals.  This combination provides an in-depth understanding and information that we cannot see from a routine lab test.  This information helps me to put you on the right path. 

Most patients come to me when they have exhausted all other options and have often been put on several medications to no avail.  If you are like these other patients, I assure you, there is a different way to get relief from your ailments. 

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