Naturopathic Doctor in Madison CT


I truly believe that given the right tools, the body can heal itself.  We are not inherently flawed, but sometimes circumstances challenge us and dis-ease results. While there is a time and place for medications, I do not believe in taking a medication for every ailment. I do not believe in taking a medication to mitigate the side effects of another medication. I believe in digging deep to determine what it is that is challenging us.

A doctor patient relationship should be a partnership and we will work together to reach your desired outcome . I will take time to listen to your story, feedback, and goals to help guide us in the right direction. I will try my best and offer all that I can to help with your health care needs.

My approach is through nutritional intervention, herbal medicine, counseling, and acupuncture.

My passion is treating patients who are motivated to feel better.

If you are ready to work together and feel better, call now to set up an appointment: 203-548-0572









What Should I Eat?

What Should I Eat? This is a question that I hear a lot of with patients, and that I have asked myself many times.  It’s no wonder people are concerned when the health, fitness, and dieting industry is a billion dollar industry and seemingly every week there is a new fad diet or guru promoting …