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I want to work with you because I care how you feel.  I want all my patients to be thriving.  I spend so much time with you (2 hours on the first visit plus many additional hours and phone check ins) in order to give you all the I can to help you.

I am a naturopathic doctor treating autoimmune diseases, infertility, and IBS along the shoreline.  You’re probably wondering how I can specialize in three seemingly vastly different areas, so please let me explain.

My philosophy of treating any of the above conditions is based on my belief of the body’s ability to heal given the right conditions.  To put it another way, when we take away things that are getting in the way of our body’s natural ability to function properly, and we replace it with things that the body can use, the body begins to heal.  And it’s a beautiful process to be a part of.

Our bodies do not want to be ill; the body merely adapts to the conditions that we provide for it.  For example,  all three of the conditions that I treat are made worse from stress, as well as improper foods.  These are a few of the areas that I address when treating these conditions, and interestingly enough, a diet that is necessary to heal IBS is not always the same as one to help infertility. Likewise, two people with an autoimmune condition may do very well on two very different diets.  It is my job to assess you as a patient and determine what the best course of action will be.

We will create a doctor patient relationship in which we will work together to achieve the same goal.  I will always work with you where you are on your healing journey; sometimes healing is simple, such as removing a few trigger foods, but often it is much more involved.  Through experience, I have learned that certain testing combined with my assessment of your clinical picture provides the best direction for the desired outcome.

If you are ready to transform your health, please contact me.

If you are tired of going to various specialists just to get another pill, please contact me.

I love what I do because I can help people like you; people who are tired of being sick and eager to change in order to feel better.


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