Services and Prices

For pain relief:

First office visits are ~60 minutes and $200. During this visit, I will take your history and do an evaluation, as well as treatment.  Treatment often includes acupuncture, dry needle trigger point therapy, infra red laser, and gua sha (a type of massage).

Follow Up Visits are 30-45 minutes and $100.  We will continue doing the above mentioned treatments weekly, or as frequently as you would like.


For chronic illness and autoimmune related pain: 

First Office Visits are ~90 minutes and $250. During this visit, I will review your history, do an physical exam, start our treatment plan, and explain any testing done.  Typical testing includes food sensitivity testing, nutrient deficiency testing and hormonal testing.  If labs are run through Quest, they are often covered by your insurance. If they are not, they are out of pocket and range from $50-300.

Follow Up Visits are 60 minutes and $190.  During these visits, we review your progress, go over testing, and make necessary alterations to your treatment plan.  Typically, I see patients at 4-6 week intervals.

Payment is due at the time of the visit and I will provide you all the necessary paperwork for insurance re-reimbursement.