Services Provided

Nutritional Therapy: Each patient is unique in their nutritional needs, desires, and ability to alter their diet.  I will work closely with you to determine what is best for your situation.  We will utilize labs to determine what foods are best for you and those that are best avoided, as well as to determine nutrient deficiencies.

Herbal Medicine:  This is the use of herbs to help alter our biochemistry whether it is to boost our immune system, kill microbes, or support our hormones.  Herbs are given either in a liquid tincture form, as teas, in capsules, or as a solid extract (which is like honey). I will determine the best herbs for your situation based on your history and lab testing.

Acupuncture: This is the use over very fine needles to stimulate your body to restore balance and proper function.  It can be used to restore hormones and provide energy, and it can also be used to relieve pain and improve joint functioning.

Nutriceuticals: This is the use of vitamin and mineral supplementation to restore deficiencies and alter our biochemistry.  Supplements are either in liquid or capsule form.

Yoga: I used to teach yoga so I love to incorporate yoga into my acupuncture sessions, teaching patients proper breathing techniques or postures that will support their treatment and proper movement.