I have a passion for treating patients with infertility because there is no greater joy than to support someone in bringing a new life into this world.  Infertility can be devastating for couples both emotionally and financially.  The beautiful thing about natural treatments for infertility are that it helps empower the couple and provides many options for treatment.  Our bodies really do want to reproduce, and if we can create an optimal environment to do so, infertility is reversed.

During my training, I spent every bit of free time researching fertility and how to have healthy babies. I thought for sure I would have an issue; I spend years over exercising and had my period sporadically.  To my great surprise, implementing all the things I learned, my husband and I got pregnant right away with our 2 beautiful girls.  I believe that if I had tried ten years earlier, I would not have been so fortunate.

I am so happy to share this knowledge gained with other couples. I encourage both the wife and husband to come to all our visits.  We will extensively review both of your diets, evaluate your nutrient levels, do hormonal testing, and create a plan that works for you.  I have worked with people who do not want any fertility treatments to people who want to do everything natural in conjunction with their fertility treatments.  I am always willing to work with you wherever you guys are.

If and when you are ready, please contact me to start your journey to growing your family.