Healing IBS- a personal story.

I was walking with a friend this morning and she was talking about how when she eats certain things her stomach really hurts.  It then occurred to me that I really don’t ever get stomach pain anymore.  Emphasis on anymore.  If you have stomach issues or have been told that you have IBS, please believe me when I say that you do not need to suffer anymore.  I’ve been there and am healed. Through my personal experience, I have been able to help many others to ‘cure’ their GI issues too. For my story, keep reading. (It may be too much info for some people.)

About 8 years ago now, while I was in naturopathic med school, I suffered everyday with terrible stomach pains… cripping pain in the lower right quadrant, after lunch no matter what.  In the morning, I would wake up and have to spend at least an hour in the bathroom. I never knew if I’d have diarrhea or horrible constipation.  By lunch time, I had to go home every day to deal with my stomach.  It was embarrassing and I really didn’t tell anyone.  I think they just thought I was antisocial.  And still, I would have stomach pains. Since I was in school, I would hear various things that can help digestive issues, such as probiotics, or digestive enzymes, or treating yeast.  I learned about the paleo diet and how that was supposed to cure everything!  For me, nothing worked.  I was beyond frustrated and rather hopeless.  Finally, I opened up to a ND and now a great friend who did some GI testing on me.  It turns out, my stomach was a real mess. I had H pylori, a parasite, inflammation, yeast  and I don’t really remember what else.  But at least I had an answer.  I started treating aggressively for all things at once.  It was a full time job, but I was determined to be out of pain.  It involved drastic dietary changes and restrictions for the short amount of time, lots of antimicrobial herbs, digestive support, and immune support among other things.  Within days, my pain was gone.  Obviously I was still very restricted and stuck to my plan, but relief was amazing!  Within a few weeks, I was able to reintroduce things and cut back on what I was taking.  Six months later I was pregnant and had to stop most of the supplements.  I was also able to eat most things, which was good for the first trimester when my eating was all over the place!  Now, confidently, I can say, I can eat whatever I want and not have to worry about having stomach pain!

In clinical practice, I have used the same treatment protocol that I created for myself with many patients who have suffered from IBS or even chronic diarrhea.  You do not have to suffer.

If you would like more information about how to get started with treating your digestive issues, please call me at 203-548-0572.  I’d love to help you.